On the occasion of 6th anniversary, Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) said that rising patient consumerism, expansion of the continuum of care, a shift towards quality based-care, increasing patient participation, the use of technology in delivering care, and increasing insurance penetration are some of the disruptive trends which India is presently witnessing.

During the last six years NATHEALTH, a multi-segment collaborative platform has played role of a powerful catalyst in the making of a New Indian Health Economy and facilitated the journey towards accessible, affordable and quality healthcare at scale.

 “These trends, along with the implementation of Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM), offer an opportunity for the private sector to redefine and reorganise themselves and adopt new components of people, process and technology in their business models. NATHEALTH, on its part, played a critical role by engaging all stakeholders including government, in order to create a ‘New Indian Health Economy,” said Anjan Bose, Secretary General, NATHEALTH.

Expectations from the healthcare sector are high, while at the same time, it is under pressure from several quarters. It is crucial now more than ever for all stakeholders to maintain the momentum we have built over the past six years, and work collaboratively with the government to shape the future of healthcare in India.”

NATHEALTH has been supporting the Government with its recommendations based on ground realities and its several suggestions were incorporated in shaping policies including National Health Policy 2017 which focuses on quality and affordable healthcare for all with higher funding and private sector participation.

“As it celebrates its 6th birthday, NATHEALTH can look back with pride at having created a true, integrative platform that speaks for India’s Healthcare sector. Its pioneering work on several key themes, particularly on the creation of a framework for PPPs and development of the Code of Ethics, has been commendable. Indian Healthcare is at an inflection point, calling for a highly considered and mature response from the sector, given the massive healthcare delivery gaps that exist across our country.

NATHEALTH will need to further step up its internal dialogue, amongst members, and external dialogue, with the Government, to develop sustainable solutions for our country’s healthcare challenges; it is also well poised to take the lead in driving ethical and responsible behaviour in the healthcare ecosystem, so necessary to rebuild trust in society. My grateful thanks to the NATHEALTH Team and all members for their contribution over the years,” he further stated.

During the last six years NATHEALTH not only took initiatives to push Digital Health in association with NASSCOM but also recommended ways for larger Public Private Partnership. It came out with several knowledge papers- Aarogya Bharat: India Healthcare Roadmap for 2025 and Operational Excellence in Healthcare Delivery in India, Financing and Funding Indian Healthcare (With PWC)- to prepare a roadmap for ‘Swasth Bharat.’

NATHEALTH believes that the task of universal healthcare coverage agenda is still not over and there is a need to push the preventive healthcare, affordable and accessible curative interventions agenda with even more vigour in the years to come. It is committed to be at the forefront of driving the healthcare agenda truly required by the vast millions of Indians.