RaySearch has announced the release of RayStation® 8A, the latest version of its innovative radiation therapy treatment planning system. The new release brings a broad range of advances, including full planning capabilities for the TomoTherapy.

The new release has brought a broad range of advances, including full planning capabilities for the TomoTherapy®and Radixact systems from Accuray, and supports the TomoDirectTM delivery mode in addition to TomoHelicalTM.

Other advances in RayStation 8A include support for TomoTherapy in Plan Explorer, improvements for proton and carbon ion therapy and further integration with RayCare®, the next-generation oncology information system.  

The release of RayStation 8A is one more step towards RaySearch’s goal of unifying treatment planning for as many treatment delivery systems as possible, eliminating the complications and additional steps that arise from using multiple software systems.

Access to advanced RayStation features

All TomoTherapy and Radixact users now have access to advanced RayStation features, including multi-criteria optimization (MCO), adaptive planning and Plan Explorer.

With the addition of Plan Explorer functionality, TomoTherapy and Radixact clinics can now automatically generate a large number of treatment plans for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines, optimizing the use of treatment machines and increasing treatment planning efficiency.

Improvements for proton and carbon ion therapy include automatic selection of range shifter for PBS machines and DICOM export of magnets in the lateral spreading device sequence for all ion treatment machines.

Ion beam commissioning tools have also been refined for the easier use, and carbon ion treatment machines are now supported in RayStation’s physics module.

RayStation 8A strengthens integration with RayCare. Other general improvements include the possibility to choose independent isocenters and independent directions for robust optimization, the ability to view DVHs in absolute volume and an improved user interface for DICOM import.

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, said: "This latest RayStation release is an important step forward. We are very pleased to expand our support for the TomoTherapy platform, giving all users access to innovative RayStation features."

"We have also included some significant additional features for particle therapy, which is an important focus area for RaySearch. Many more exciting developments are in the pipeline for upcoming releases, and we will announce these in the near future," added Löf.