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Knee Osteoarthritis: Retired Professional Footballers Are at Higher Risk

The ex-footballers had more knee pain, structural knee osteoarthritis and total knee replacements which were prominent in the younger age groups (40-54 years). The study reported that male ex-footballers were two to three times more likely to suffer and required a total knee replacement although the risk factors including significant knee injury were treated.

Study Reveals Why Testicular Cancer is More Susceptible to Chemotherapy Even after Metastasis

The testicular stem cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy than other cells in a tumour, which explains why there is the complete recovery of testicular cancer with conventional therapy even after it has spread to lungs and brain. A new study published in the recent issue of the journal Cell Reports shows that testicular cancer cells are more responsive to chemotherapy. The similar effectiveness observed with testicular cancer even after it metastasizes.

Ovarian cancer diagnosis: New blood test developed

The power of artificial intelligence was used to the maximum to develop a new technique to detect Ovarian Cancer early and accurately. The researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute conducted the study. They have identified a network of circulating microRNAs that are associated with risk of ovarian cancer, which could be detected from a blood sample. The study outcomes are published in eLife.

Genetics Of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Mice Provide Better Insights

Research shows that CHD8 gene mutation is associated with some cases of human autism. In mice cortex with this mutation caused increased brain size hence giving an insight into genetic causes of autism spectrum disorders.

Although the absolute causes are not clear, many genetic and environmental factors enhance the probability of autism spectrum disorder. "For years, the targets of drug discovery and treatment have been based on an unknown black box of what's happening in the brain," said Nord (assistant professor of neurobiology).