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Overuse of Antibiotic Prescription Can Cause Side-Effects

In the research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, the impact of antibiotics on patients from The Johns Hopkins Hospital was studied. Around 1500 adult patients were examined, and it was noted that adverse side effects occurred in a fifth of them, and about a fifth of those side effects occurred in patients who didn’t prefer antibiotics in the first place. The risks and benefits of the antibiotics, as well as evidence that the antibiotics were not benign, were acknowledged in the study.

Smartphone Screen Technology: Trick Harmful Bacteria

The researchers from the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at Karolinska Institute reported that conducting plastics found in smartphone screens could be used to trick the pathogenic bacterial metabolism. The study was published in the scientific journal npj Biofilms and Microbiomes. Addition or removal of electrons from the plastic surface could trick the bacteria to grow more or less. The method could support to prevent bacterial infections in hospitals or improve effectiveness in wastewater management.