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Study Reveals the Mystery Why Psoriasis Recurs

The researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Rockefeller University solved the mystery behind reoccurrence of skin lesions after stopping the use of topical steroids. At the Department of Dermatology, researchers explored the cell population that continues to smolder after psoriasis appeared to resolve and found that population of T cells driving the disease in that part was active, lesions are flooded with diverse T cells.

Cryptococcal meningitis should be classified as a neglected tropical disease

However, it is less paid diseases in the world, receiving just 0.2% of the expenditure of related study and development.

It has extreme effects on people in specific most deprived areas of the world. However, it is not categorized as a 'neglected tropical disease' by the World Health Organisation and other groups working in this field such as PLOS (an open access publishing and advocacy group).