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Death Rate Increased in Opioid-Driven Hospitalizations

A new study published in issue of Health Affairs has found that the mortality rates for those hospitalized for opioid-related conditions are four times more likely they were in 2000 in U.S. The patients who were low-income, white, under age 65 and on Medicare, and the severity of opioid misuse leading to hospitalization has increased, the study reported.

Scientists Discover New Measurements to Guide Radiation Therapy

A new study published in The Journal of Chemical Physics reports the impact of secondary electrons on a model of DNA. When ionizing radiations such as gamma rays, X-rays energetic particles such as alpha and beta rays, pass through living tissue, it interacts with molecules present in the cells, stripping away electrons and producing charged species known as ions. The electrons produced could themselves go on to wreak further havoc, causing even more dramatic changes.

Discovery of Protein to Program Cancer Immunotherapy

New research published in the journal Nature, has discovered a protein called 'Runx3' that programs killer T cells to establish residence in tumours and infection sites. During infection or tumour growth, a type of specialized white blood cells called CD8+ T cells rapidly multiply within the spleen and lymph nodes and acquire the ability to kill diseased cells. Some of these killer T cells then migrate where required to vanquish the germs or cancers.