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An Insight into Factors Directing Quality Of Life in Older Cancer Patients

 A new study published in CANCER describes the factors that contribute to improving the health-associated quality of life in older adults with most cancers, in order to help identify survivors who are most vulnerable and at risk for poor health outcomes. The study emphasizes the significance of managing persistent symptoms and comorbid conditions, and promotion of the healthy lifestyles.

Computational design of peptide overcome obstacles for therapeutics development

Researchers developed a new computational strategy which might help to realize the promise of peptide-based drugs. Peptides are like protein molecules, but differ in their smaller size, structure and functions. They could experiment on the diverse landscape of shapes, where peptides can form as a guide for designing the next generation of stable, potent, selective drugs. The study is published in Science.

Policy on contraception and abortion in India requires to be fixed

Singh et al. report findings on the incidence of abortion and unintended pregnancy in India for 2015. These are published in the journal The Lancet Global HealthUsing data from multiple sources, the investigators found that in 2015, half of the 48·1 million pregnancies in India were unintended and that 15·6 million (14·1–17·3 million) pregnancies ended in abortions.As the investigators largely relied on direct measurements instead of indirect estimation techniques, these data add pivotal value to the existing literature on unintended pregnancies and abortion rates.