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Intraprostatic Fiducials Compared with Bony Anatomy and Skin Marks for Intensity-modulated radiotherapy

Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) improves the accuracy of the target volume position during treatment. The patient’s set-up can be verified daily on bony anatomy with orthogonal kV-kV portal images. However, bony anatomy verification doesn’t take into account target volume and normal tissue shaping . Several techniques could improve the position verification during external-beam radiotherapy of patients with prostate cancer.

Radiology Offers Evidence Indicative of Domestic Abuse

Radiology images can reveal critical clues about a patient's current injuries, as wells as the patterns of violence a person may be experiencing. A new study led by the Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital, reveals that radiologists can be involved in the care of victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). The team found common clinical and radiologic patterns that could alert radiologists of potential IPV, to spark a conversation with the referring physician and multi-disciplinary care team to get patients the help they need.

Association between Gene and reduced pain response

Researchers found an Italian family might have a different genetic configuration that could be altering their response to pain. This includes a 78-year-old woman and her two daughters and their three children. According to them, this could be a new path to developing medications for chronic pain. The study appeared in the latest edition of the journal Brain.