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Low-fiber Diets Associate with IBD

Fiber resists digestion by the body but is readily eaten by bacteria in the gut. The fibre amount in diet could influence weight gain, blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, and colon health. Two studies with mice published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe showed the effects of fibre on the entire body.

New tool, which is powerful for looking the life of Earth beyond

Researchers have demonstrated new instrument for knowing the Space information, NASA has established an advanced new spectroscopy instrument to aid the search for extraterrestrial life. A new instrument is developed for detecting compounds and minerals related to biological activity more quickly and with greater sensitivity than previous instruments. While the evidence of outside the life of earth has not been known from past and present study revealed an important part of the NASA Planetary Exploration Program. This study was published in the Optical Society Journal Applied Optics.

An approach to teach Practitioners regarding Epilepsy in Bhutan

There is a need to prioritize scientifically silent countries like Bhutan since important knowledge deficits on epilepsy may be present.Besides, such knowledge deficits are not explainable through insufficient time and undergraduate training and therefore require the need to re-appraise the approach to teaching medical professionals about epilepsy. While, such deficits can likely (and easily) be overcome through providing additional (structured, systematic, organized) professional knowledge. Contrary to widespread by-default beliefs against “public image” of epilepsy, in Bhutan, epilepsy is likely to be socially acceptable.

Treatment of substance use disorders through the government health facilities

The recent development – scheme of establishing (Drug Treatment Clinics) DTCs – is likely to be much more successful since it is based almost entirely upon funding support from the central government, with mentoring provided by the academic institutions. Eventually, issues regarding the sustainability of this initiative will have to be considered. There is a need to continuously monitor the implementation and ensure ongoing support and nurturance to the scheme. It is high time that addiction treatment gets mainstreamed into general health care.