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Persistent Virus Plays No Role in Chikungunya Associated Arthritis

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) infection, a mosquito-borne disease reported in the Americas in 2013, leaves about one quarter of those infected with persistent arthritis, according to a study published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology. The joint symptoms, however, do not appear to be associated with persistent infection, suggesting it is safe to treat patients with regimens used for other types of inflammatory arthritis.

Studies Find Stress Reprograms Cells

Modern twin studies have shown how cells adapt to stressors — like water loss — by reprogramming their internal signaling networks. The studies describe mechanisms that cells use to send signals between cellular machinery and avoid cell death. The drugs that enhance the adaptation mechanisms could help cells ward off multiple diseases, including type 2 diabetes, studies published in Cell Reports and Molecular Cell suggests.

Painful Tropical Diseases: A billion were treated successfully

A pledge by health and development experts to tackle neglected diseases that blind, disable and disfigure millions of the world's poorest people has spurred tremendous progress in five years.

More than one billion people were treated in 2016 for painful infections, such as sleeping sickness and elephantiasis, as increased funding, drug donations and political will helped health workers reach patients in remote areas, it said.

Health Hazards: Fake social media accounts for the cause

According to the USC researchers reports, the fake social media accounts for the health hazards. These social medias already have a reputation of swaying political discourse, but a new study shows these automated accounts are even more dangerous — they can be bad for your health. Researchers focused on how these bots promoted the notion that using electronic cigarettes helps people stop smoking, a conclusion not definitively supported by research.