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A Cholesterol Rate Can Be Eliminated from Routine Fasting

In this study, researchers showed an evidence with a new method of calculating so-called "bad cholesterol" levels in the blood is more accurate than the older method in people who did not fast before blood was drawn. Researchers suggest that routine fasting for testing cholesterol levels were eliminated for most of the people and making such screening more convenient. This study was published in Circulation.

Cholera Epidemics Valued With New Rule-Book

Researchers studied outbreaks in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean from the last 60 years. The results of two studies in Science, present a new 'rule-book' to estimate the risk of different cholera strains causing an epidemic. Despite being thought of as an ancient disease, cholera still affects 47 countries world-wide and claims the lives of nearly 100 thousand people a year. This study has been published in Science.

General Anaesthesia a safer option for a parturient with intraneural perineurioma

According to a study, perineurioma can be divided into 2 forms: intraneural and extraneural (soft tissue) perineurioma. The tumor cells in perineurioma are characterized by their specific immunohistochemical and ultrastructural features. According to the location, to date, approximately 120 cases with intraneural perineurioma have been published. However, the anesthetic management for a parturient with intraneural perineurioma has not been reported. As the spinal roots and nerves of extremities are involved, neuraxial anesthesia should be theoretically avoided. Therefore, general anesthesia may be a safer option.

Impact of Physician Networks on Medicare Beneficiaries

In the social network analysis of Medicare data, researchers reported that total spending was higher for patients of physicians with more connections to other physicians and more shared care outside of their network. Patients whose physicians’ networks had more primary care physicians had more primary care visits and fewer specialist and emergency visits.

Microbeads allows a Safer Route to Ultrasonic Therapy

Researchers at Duke University have discovered a way to enhance the effectiveness and safety of sonogenetics or ultrasonic modulation , emerging techniques that use sound waves to control the behavior of individual neurons or to promote tissue growth and wound healing in other cells.