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Being Aware of Memory Loss Lessens the Risk of Dementia

In a study published today in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, based on patients' awareness of their memory problems, researchers have identified a useful method to predict who won't develop Alzheimer's disease. People who were not aware of their memory loss, a condition called anosognosia, were more likely to progress to Alzheimer's disease and those who were aware of memory problems were unlikely to develop dementia.

Bladder Cancer: Treatment with Experimental 'nano-chemo' particle

Johns Hopkins researchers developed a way to successfully deliver nano-sized, platinum-based chemotherapy drugs to treat a form of bladder cancer called nonmuscle-invasive that is found in the lining of the organ and has not invaded deeper into bladder tissue. The tiny drug-infused particles, they say, potentially offer a less toxic clinical alternative to standard chemotherapy delivered intravenously or through a catheter inserted into the bladder.

A Novel Ocular Toxicity Linked with FGFR Inhibitor Chemotherapy

The lead author Dr. Daniel Velazquez-Villoria of POVISA Hospital and colleagues wrote, Subfoveal neurosensory retinal detachment may occur in association with pan-FGFR inhibitors treatment for metastatic cancer. Isolated subfoveal lesions and longer persistence of SRF (subretinal fluid) are features that may help in differentiating this entity from MEK retinopathy.