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Hormone Therapy and Chronic Conditions are to be balanced

Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital told that, they generally agree with the approvals of the Task Force against the use of menopausal hormone therapy for the express purpose of trying to prevent cardiovascular disease or other chronic conditions. They have heard from many clinicians and patients that that's the case and that this is leading to confusion. This report was published in JAMA.

Interrupted Reprogramming: Progenitor-like Cells produced

A modified version of iPS methodology, called interrupted reprogramming, allows for a highly controlled, potentially safer, and more cost-effective strategy for generating progenitor-like cells from adult cells. As demonstrated in the journal Stem Cell Reports, the adult mouse respiratory tract cells called Club cells into large, pure populations of induced progenitor-like (iPL) cells, which retained a residual memory of their parental cell lineage and therefore generated mature Club cells. These cells showed potential as a cell replacement therapy in mice with cystic fibrosis.

Higher symptomatic cause chronic rhinosinusitis in Patients

Researchers study the clinical features and explore if the presence of biofilm, nasal polyps or other disease individual could serve as predictor for the symptomatic load. A patient group undergoing septoplasty without disease of the sinuses was included as control. Patient population undergoing functional endoscopic sinonasal surgery (FESS) for chronic rhinosinusitis, CRS patients with or without nasal polyps are a heterogeneous group with various phenotypes and characteristics such as allergic rhinitis, eosinophilic inflammation, fungal allergy.

Typbar-TCV achieves WHO prequalification

A typhoid conjugate vaccine has been prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO), bringing the vaccine one step closer to reaching millions more people at risk of typhoid.

Typbar-TCV, a Vi-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine manufactured by Indian company Bharat Biotech, is the first typhoid conjugate vaccine to achieve WHO prequalification. The vaccine, which is currently licensed in India and Nepal as a single, intramuscular dose, has been shown to elicit a robust immune response in infants as young as six months of age.

More Promising Obesity Drug, Burns Fat Without Diet

Given the ever-increasing obesity epidemic, researchers from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have discovered a promising experimental drug that has been shown to selectively shrink excess fat by increasing fat cell metabolism. The drug significantly reduces body weight and blood cholesterol levels without lowering food intake in obese mice, according to a study published in Biochemical Pharmacology.

Patients with High-Risk RCC do not Benefit from Lymphadenectomy

In an ASSURE (Adjuvant Sorafenib or Sunitinib for Unfavorable Renal Carcinoma) trial, researchers compared two different kinase inhibitors used in the setting with a placebo control arm. The trial sought to find whether removing any suspicious lymph nodes at the time of the nephrectomy might improve results. The team aimed at to wipe out any remaining micrometastatic disease and the results of the analysis are published in the Journal of Urology.

Cerebellum Involved in Processing Traumatic Memories

When a person is diagnosed and treated for long-term potentially fatal diseases such as cancer, they often accumulate distressing and traumatic experiences along the way. A new study from the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University reveals how Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) substantially alters the brain’s response to traumatic memories and reveals the potential importance of the cerebellum in regulating the brain and body’s response to traumatic stress.