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DCs are Vital to Trigger the Immune System

Researchers have reported that in vaccination, a certain subpopulation of dendritic cells is vital to triggering the body's adaptive immune system. The findings have important implications for vaccine delivery, as the usual method, intramuscular injection is likely not the most effective way to target those dendritic cells. The study findings published in Science Immunology.

Study Identified; Odors Face Risk Of Dementia

Study found that While 78 percent of those tested were normal correctly identifying at least four out of five scents about 14 percent could name just three out of five, five percent could identify only two scents, two percent could name just one, and one percent of the study subjects were not able to identify a single smell.

Tobacco Shops Associated with Crime

A study was led by a researcher at the University of California, Riverside. According to the research, tobacco shops (smoke shops), may represent potential "nuisance properties" in urban communities of color. Nuisance properties are properties where unsafe activities affecting public health and safety occur repeatedly. 

Study Unravel the Power of Glial Cells

Implanted devices send targeted electrical stimulation to the nervous system to interfere with abnormal brain activity, and it is commonly assumed that neurons are the only important brain cells that need to be stimulated by these devices. However, research published in Nature Biomedical Engineering reveals that it may also be important to target the supportive glial cells surrounding the neurons.