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Treating Adult Patients In Emergency Department

According to this study, researchers decline the newest and most advanced of its kind in Chicago, cared for about two dozen patients within its first three hours. UChicago Medicine expects to begin providing adult trauma services in May 2018, pending approval by the Illinois Department of Public Health.The new ED, located in the ground floor of 5656 S. Maryland Ave., replaced the previous facility in the Bernard A. Mitchell Hospital that was built in 1983.

Identical Twins Share an Additional Level of Molecular Similarity

An international group of researchers has discovered a new phenomenon that occurs in identical twins: independent of their identical genes, they share an additional level of molecular similarity that influences their biological characteristics. The reasearch results were appeared in the journal Genome Biology. The researchers propose a mechanism to explain the extra level of similarity and show that it is associated with risk of cancer in adulthood.

Misfolding In Mitochondria; Study reveals

Researchers from German studied on the Misfolded proteins cause many diseases including neurodegenerative conditions and cancer. To protect themselves from protein misfolding, cells have developed sophisticated quality control mechanisms. How these function in the case of protein misfolding in mitochondria is now the subject of research currently being conducted by Dr. Christian Münch at the Institute of Biochemistry II of Goethe University Frankfurt.