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Specially timed signals ease tinnitus symptoms

According to the study, a team from the University of Michigan reports the results of the first animal tests and clinical trial of the approach, including data from 20 human tinnitus patients. Millions of Americans hear ringing in their ears, a condition called tinnitus.

As the new study shows an experimental device could help quiet the phantom sounds by targeting unruly nerve activity in the brain. Results of the first animal tests and clinical trial of the approach resulted in a decrease in tinnitus loudness and improvement in tinnitus-related quality of life. This study got published in Science Translational Medicine.

A One-two-three Punch for Pancreatic Tumors

One of the many difficult things about pancreatic cancer is that tumors are resistant to most treatments because of their unique density and cell composition. However, a new study published in journal Gut found that a three-drug combination can simultaneously target the cancer cells as well as the other harmful, inflammatory cells within the tumor, to improve survival.

Skin Pigmentation Are Simple; Study Suggests

Researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Stanford University, and Stony Brook University, they described that the study suggests that the genetics of skin pigmentation are simple. A small number of known genes, it is thought, However, these studies rely on datasets consisting almost entirely of information from northern Eurasian populations–those that reside mostly in higher latitude regions. This study has been published in Cell.

Physicians Face Complexity When Managing Medical Requests from Nonpatients

A new study published in the Annals of Family Medicine has reported that researchers explored junior and senior family physicians' experiences with and attitudes toward managing medical requests from nonpatients. Senior physicians were more confident with handling medical questions from family or friends. While, junior physicians found this process more difficult, and they were more cautious about avoiding the potential consequences and pitfalls, according to the study.

iPS cell technology: Mechanisms of Longevity and Related Diseases elucidated

Regenerative medicine is a broad term used to describe approaches to repair or replace damaged or diseased human cells or tissues. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, including the use of stem cells and stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms. Due to its wide implications in science, technology, and ethics, regenerative medicine has attracted the attention of a multitude of 'stakeholders' from scientists and physicians to those involved in ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI).

Degree of Uncertainty Associated with the Diagnosis, Doctors Recommend

According to new research published in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care, the parents of paediatric patients might react more negatively to doctors who communicate uncertainty of diagnosis explicitly, such as directly stating they are unsure, as compared to doctors who use implicit language, such as discussing most likely diagnosis or providing several possible diagnoses under consideration.