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Bile Acids Associate with Fat Loss

A new study has suggested that a specific group of bile acids could directly burn away the lipids in fat depots, effectively making it a new therapy against obesity.When bile acids concentration in the blood reaches a certain level, it can turn up the thermostat and increase fat burning for energy and heat production. 

Cholera Pandemic And Controlled Strategies

The researchers show that the latest cholera pandemic originated in Asia, and that most of antibiotic resistant strains come from this continent.  They recently published two studies tracing the history of cholera outbreaks in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean from the last 60 years. This study has been published in Science.

Pneumonia: Bad air quality along Utah's Wasatch Front aggravate conditions

Air pollution trapped by winter inversions along Utah's Wasatch Front, the state's most populated region, is estimated to send more than 200 people to the emergency room with pneumonia each year, according to a study by University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare. Bad air quality especially erodes the health of adults over age 65, a population particularly vulnerable to the effects of pneumonia.