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Arsenic Exposure and Its Impacts on Fetal health

Chronic arsenic exposure has been well studied and evaluated in the context of adult disease; however, little is known about the contribution of fetal arsenic exposure to disease onset and progression. Several studies established a strong association between chronic arsenic exposure and an increased prevalence of hypertension, atherosclerosis, and ischemic heart disease-related mortalities

Localized Cooling Limits Damage Caused By Heart Attack

According to this study, researchers have declared that the localized cooling of the heart during a heart attack, a world first. By cooling part of the heart prior to and following angioplasty, the cardiologists believe that the damage from a heart attack can be limited. By cooling the part of the heart that is affected by a clogged or constricted coronary artery, there is less damage to the heart muscle after the constriction is opened.

Septic Shock: Role of Steroids in Treating the condition

The results from the largest ever study of septic shock could improve treatment for critically ill patients and save health systems worldwide hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Researchers at The George Institute for Global Health studied whether the use of steroids as an additional treatment for septic shock – a severe life-threatening infection – would improve survival.

Urinalysis: UTI in Febrile Infants accurately analyzed

According to findings from a large study, Urinalysis is highly sensitive and specific in diagnosing urinary-tract infection (UTI) in febrile infants. Dr. Leah Tzimenatos of UC Davis School of Medicine et al. did a planned secondary analysis of data from a prospective study of febrile infants.

Cholera: A Bangladeshi Prescription

For decades, health officials have understood how to prevent cholera, doctors have known how to treat it, and development experts have recognized that with clean water and sanitation, outbreaks rarely become epidemics. Unfortunately, the world is not so simple and neat, and the nightmare of cholera persists.