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Kindness Reduce Depression in Individuals

The most disagreeable individuals, who are also the least likely to be kind, can benefit most from behaving more compassionately. More than 640 people who were mildly depressed took part in the study which tracked the results of online compassion training.

Researchers asked the participants, who were on average in their mid-30s, to take part in one of three online compassion intervention exercises including a control condition. They were asked to complete their exercise and report back via an online platform every other day for three weeks. The study was published in the journal Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Better Understandings on Spread of Influenza Virus

The seasonal flu is caused by different subtypes of Influenza A virus and typically leads to the death of half a million people each year. In order to better understand this virus and how it spreads, University of Minnesota Medical School researchers took a closer look at the cells inside the lungs.

What they discovered is not only is the immune system response tuned to the amount of virus replication, it's also tuned to the viral spread. This deeper and more accurate understanding of the influenza virus and how it spreads could be the building blocks to better protective therapies for patients in the future.

Determine The Statewide MOR Of Suicide Completion Among EMTs

According to a study, researchers examine that emergency medical technicians' risk for suicide is 39% higher than the general public. Neil Vigil, a second-year UA medical student, and Bentley Bobrow, MD, associate director of the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center Phoenix and professor in emergency medicine at the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix, recently completed the first peer-reviewed publication that specifically studied EMTs.

Emergency Cases In Dermatology

Emergencies in dermatology are rare, but when they occur, dermatologists or other health care professionals need to act fast. Dr. Ramos-e-Silva, professor and chair of the University Hospital and Federal University School of Medicine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discussed this at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Paris on Friday.