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Estimating Surgeon-Specific Performance For ESS

According to a study, few identified factors have raised questions about the quality of care for endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS), along with the presence of large geographic variation in the rates and extent of surgery, poorly defined indications, and lack of ESS-specific quality metrics. Primary outcomes were the 5-year observed and risk-adjusted ESS revision rate. Logistic regression was used to develop a risk adjustment model for the primary outcome

A New Insight into the Hepatitis Associated Liver Inflammation

Scientists from TWINCORE have published new insights on the processes involved in liver inflammation in the Journal of Hepatology. Type I interferons, limit viral replication and thereby help the immune cells to control the viral pathogen. On the other hand, type I interferons delay the regeneration of immune cells, which are important to adjust and maintain the immune balance within the liver during acute inflammation.

An Approach to ‘Melting Away’ of Aggressive Blood Cancers

In a new research published in Cancer Cell, scientists wanted to fight the often fatal acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) by disabling parts of the machinery in cells called the transcriptional machinery that determines when genes are switched on and off. Researchers have developed a way of side-lining one of the most dangerous bad actors in leukaemia. The approach depends on throwing a molecular wrench into the gears of an important machine that sets genes into motion, enabling cancer cells to proliferate.