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New Drug may Help Those with Lewy Body Dementia

In a new study published in Journal Neurology, researchers may have found some help from an old drug. They found that a drug used to treat seizures may effectively treat the movement symptoms in people with dementia with Lewy bodies without causing additional psychiatric symptoms when combined with the Parkinson's drug levodopa.

Novel Indicator Assess Active Aging

In a new study, investigators have developed a new indicator for assessing active aging. The indicator is called the University Of Jyväskylä Active Aging Scale (UJACAS). The new indicator opens up a new approach to aging research, because it takes into account persons' own actions in promoting their wellbeing.


Road-distance to Primary Care Facilities Linked to Stroke Mortality

As the role of primary care physicians play an important role in controlling risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke, the team hypothesized that longer road-distance to a primary care physician, which may be linked to poor primary care accessibility, may be a significant risk factor for death from stroke and/or ischemic heart disease. However, a new research has reported that longer road-distance to a primary care facility may increase the risk of stroke mortality.