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India’s First Oral Health Policy Unvieled

Private dental hospitals will be asked to screen poor patients for free. Govt to fund treatment through existing healthcare plans. With Maharashtra recording the highest number of oral cancer cases in the country, the Devendra Fadnavis government has come up with the country’s first oral health policy, Swashtha Mukh Abhiyan, which will be launched soon.

Fistula Survivors in Nepal Find Reprieve, Findings

At the age of 17, Palesh Devi Rajdhobi was married off to a man she had never met. One year later, she gave birth to her first child. Then another, and another. When she was pregnant with her sixth, she knew something was wrong.

“By the time I was taken to the hospital, it was already too late. Two tragedies befell me. I had a stillbirth and started leaking urine constantly,” Ms. Rajdhobi told UNFPA.

Variations In A Cell's Protein Factory

Scientists are studying the factors within a cell that can influence noise. They discovered that for 85% of genes, the noise magnitude is higher in the last step as compared to the first step. You can think of a cell in your body like a miniature factory, creating a final product called proteins, which carry out various tasks and functions.

In this cellular factory, genes control the series of sequential steps needed to create proteins, much like an assembly line moving a product along to completion. This process is known as gene expression. The study was published in the scientific journal Cell Systems.