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MicroFLOQ® Swabs Allows Direct Amplification of DNA

A new study reported that Samples collected with microFLOQ® swabs and direct amplification of DNA with GlobalFiler™ Express appears to allow for low quantities of DNA to be typed in a facile and expeditious manner. The results of the study potentially may have important implications for the analysis of low quantity and/or degraded samples that plague forensic casework.

Long-Term Cognitive Decline Is Related to Diabetes and Blood Sugar

In a new study, researchers showed some 5,000 older people in the UK has shown that rates of long-term cognitive decline are steeper in those who have diabetes compared with people with normal blood sugar control, and that efforts to delay the onset of diabetes and/or control blood sugar levels might prevent subsequent progression of brain function decline.

The study has published in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).

New discovery in Nanotherapy; Study found

A new study has declared that Nanoparticles that transport medicines to a specific part of the human body are usually broken down in the liver prematurely. Jeroen Bussmann from Leiden University has discovered a new method to prevent this from happening. The study has published in ACS Nano.