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Declines in NIH Funding for Pediatric Physician-Scientists

A new, multicenter study published in JAMA Pediatrics has found that most National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants awarded to researchers in paediatrics during the past five years have been limited to physicians in senior positions at a small number of institutions. The findings indicate an overall downward trend in funding for pediatric research, particularly among early-career physician-scientists.

Along with fillers and facelifts, Yoga face-toning is competing

A study shows where dermatologist Dr. Murad Alam has further research work on low-cost, noninvasive anti-aging treatment: facial yoga. Dermatologists measured improvements in the appearance of the faces of a small group of middle-age women after they did half an hour of daily face-toning exercises for eight weeks, followed by alternate-day exercises for another 12 weeks. The study published in JAMA Dermatology.

Natural Environment Linked to Physical Activity of Elderly

Features of a natural environment in the home neighbourhood associated with physical activity of older people, according to a new study. The study findings indicated that higher habitat diversity within natural areas correlates with higher PA among older people without walking difficulties and the presence of water correlates with higher PA among those with walking difficulties.

Insights of rare diseases by Epigenetic alteration of a vitamin B12 gene

An international research team led by scientists at the University of Lorraine in France along with McGill University and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center (RI-MUHC) in Canada discovered a new cause of a rare condition known as cblC , that they named "epi-cblC" . Patients who have  cblC  are not able to process vitamin B 12 *, leading to severe health problems.

WHO Prequalification for ROTAVAC

PATH applauds Indian vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech for receiving prequalification from the World Health Organization (WHO) for their oral rotavirus vaccine, ROTAVAC. As a partner in the development of ROTAVAC, PATH worked with the Indian Department of Biotechnology, the Society for Applied Studies, and Bharat Biotech on the clinical trials that demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.