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Estimation of Post-mortem Interval for Criminal investigations

A new study revealed that following the analysis of five evidential components (bones, mites, soil chemistry, nematodes and soil micro-eukaryotes) the following course of events can be proposed for the case: human remains were found in a Swiss Plateau forest. Mite evidence, however, suggests that the corpse was translocated from its original crime scene to the forest soil.

Patient's Age Associated With Risk Of Receiving An Unneeded Antibiotic Prescription

According to a new study, researchers found that advanced practice providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are 15% more likely than physician providers to prescribe antibiotics to adults. A patient's age and race are associated with risk of receiving an unneeded antibiotic prescription for upper respiratory conditions caused by viruses. The study has been published in Control & Hospital Epidemiology.