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TEG-based Resuscitation versus Empirical 1:1 Transfusion

Thomboelastography (TEG) is a whole blood measure of coagulation which was originally described in the 1950s. However, it has only been in the last few decades that assays have become accessible and viable as a point-of-care test. Following the observation that hemorrhagic shock is associated with an intrinsic coagulopathy, TEG has been used as a method of diagnosing specific coagulation defects in order to direct individualized blood products resuscitation. An alternative transfusion strategy is the administration of fixed ratio products, a paradigm borne out of the military experience.

Development of endocrine producing in embryonic pancreas

A study involved by the researchers report that development of the endocrine pancreas is promoted by a web like network of epithelial tubes that exist only transiently in the developing embryo. These findings suggest that a deeper understanding of this endocrine differentiation 'niche' could propel development of novel treatments for diabetes. The study has published in Genes & Development.