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To Examine Effect of Left Lateral Tilting Before And After Spinal Anesthesia

In this study, researchers examined the effect of left lateral tilting on maternal hemodynamics after SAB. Post-spinal hypotension is a common maternal complication during cesarean delivery. Aortocaval compression by the gravid uterus has been assumed as a precipitating factor for post-spinal hypotension. The role of left lateral tilting position in improving maternal cardiac output after subarachnoid block (SAB) is unclear.

A New Method for Improving T-Cell Production

In this study, researchers have established a new method for improving T cell manufacture by focusing on the materials involved in this process. Their study uses a polymer mesh to activate the T cells, a critical step for their production. This approach simplifies processing compared to systems in use today. In addition, making the fibers out of a mechanically soft material improved T cell growth, outperforming the current gold standard on several fronts. The study is published in Advanced Biosystems.

RNA-based Vaccines have Distinct Advantages, study reveals

Production of conventional vaccines, which involves the use of live-attenuated or purified protein subunits of pathogens, is a long and complex process. Nucleic acid vaccines are safer alternatives, and allow easy adjustment of antigen to target specific pathogens. DNA-based vaccines pose the risks of the DNA being incorporated into the genome of cells and anti-DNA antibody generation. Hence, RNA-based vaccines have distinct advantages and are considered safer.

Crystal Structure of Enzyme That Plays a Key Role in DNA Methylation

According to a new study, researchers team have solved the crystal structure for an enzyme that plays a key role in DNA methylation, the process by which methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule. DNA methylation alters gene expression. This fundamental cellular mechanism critically influences plant, animal, and human development. This study is published in Nature.