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Development of Sequencing Pipeline to Personalize Lymphoma Management

Hybrid-capture sequencing is the method of choice for sequencing actionable gene mutations across the most common forms of lymphoid cancer, according to a new study published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. It reliably identifies potentially actionable gene mutations in 91% of patients. This assay will bring the benefits of precision diagnosis and individualized therapy to patients with lymphoid cancer.

Higher Yogurt Intake is Associated with Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

In this study, researchers recommend that higher yogurt intake is associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk among hypertensive men and women. High blood pressure is a major cardiovascular disease risk factor. Clinical trials have previously demonstrated beneficial effects of dairy consumption on cardiovascular health. Yogurt may independently be related to cardiovascular disease risk. The study published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Computer Simulation: Problem of Blood Clotting addressed

Creating an artificial implantable kidney would be an epic advance in medicine and could address a chronic shortage of donor kidneys needed for transplant. Researchers have been at this quest for the past 15 years and keep coming upon one extremely knotty problem: how to keep the blood flowing smoothly through the artificial device without clotting. In such devices, as blood platelets respond to mechanical forces, they have a natural tendency to clot, causing a device malfunction.

Recreate Liver-Tumor Organoids for Faster, More Accurate Drug Screening

A major challenge in developing liver cancer drugs is that preclinical testing occurs in tumor models that do not accurately reflect human tumor features. Now, Singaporean researchers have grown organoids from liver tumors on specially engineered 3-D scaffolds. These organoids replicate important features of the original tumor, including genetic changes and intra-tumor heterogeneity, and could serve as tumor avatars for high-throughput drug screening.

Evaluation of Immunization Services in Gujarat, India

The present study describes qualitative research, conducted in 2013, that may help to guide ongoing efforts to improve immunization coverage for some areas of India that have experienced persistently low coverage levels. Researchers collaborated to conduct the study utilizing the RED indicators to assess strengths and weaknesses of immunization services in select PHCs located in Gujarat, India.