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Improvement in Glucose and Insulin Tolerance and Reduced Body Weight

A study shows that obese mice is been treated with catestatin (CST), a peptide naturally occurring in the body, showed significant improvement in glucose and insulin tolerance and reduced body weight. Researchers identified CST's role in the recruitment and function of macrophages in the liver as well as regulation of obesity-induced liver inflammation and insulin resistance. The study published in Diabetes.

Trends in the Health of Older People

According to a study published in the JAMA Internal medicine, the distribution and trend in good health among Hispanic adults approximates that of non-Hispanic black adults, in contrast to the Hispanic paradox. The ageing US population, coupled with its growing diversity, marks a critical need to develop policies above and beyond those regarding access to health care in order to address these widening disparities in health.

Contraceptive use: Relationship factors Affect decisions

The dynamics of a couple's relationship, including the exclusivity of the partnership, the level of commitment to the partnership and participation in sexual decision-making with their partner, impact young adults' decisions related to contraceptive use, new research from Oregon State University shows.