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Daily Cycle of Gene Expression is Controlled by Protein

According to new study, researchers assessed that the human body functions on a 24-hour, or circadian, schedule. The up-and-down daily cycles of a long-studied clock protein called Rev-erb coordinates the ebb and flow of gene expression by tightening and loosening loops in chromosomes. The study has published in Science.

Development of Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists have developed and validated a blood test for Alzheimer's disease, with the potential to massively ramp up the pace of Alzheimer's disease drug trials. The blood test measures a specific peptide in the blood to inform scientists, with 90% accuracy, if a patient has the very earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease. The research was published in the issue of Nature.

A connection between shift work and type 2 diabetes

In this study, researchers observed at the connection between shift work and type 2 diabetes. Investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital leveraged data on hundreds of thousands of people in the UK Biobank to better understand how shift work especially frequent night work contributes to the likelihood of type 2 diabetes. The study published in Diabetes Care.