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Development of bioactive dressing to treat chronic skin wounds

In a new study published in the Marine Drugs, researchers have reported that preliminary studies in vitro on fibroblast cell cultures demonstrated the good compatibility of platelet lysate with nanocarriers and bioactive dressings. An in vivo study on a murine wound model showed an accelerating wound healing effect for the bioactive dressing and its suitability as support of the platelet lysate application to wounds.

Mandibular Bone Use for Expeditive Human Identification

A study issued in the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology has highlighted the use of mandibular bone for the expeditive human identification. As per the study, the ramus of the mandible gave high quantitative and qualitative yield of DNA with thick amplification band of the STR segment as compared to the body and angle of the mandible. Thus ramus of the mandible can be preferred over other sites for molecular forensic investigations.