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Mysterious Concussion-like Symptoms reported in Diplomats in Havana

American diplomats who were posted to Havana were reported to have symptoms similar to concussions suffered after a head injury. This was despite the fact that none of them had had any head trauma. Initially, it was speculated that they could have been victims to a “sonic attack” to their brains. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ruled out any such involvement last month.

Is India ready for NHPS?

The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is based on four assumptions and one hope: One, creating an effective demand to trigger private investments in supply deficit areas, two, enabling tapping of the 30% unutilised capacity in private hospitals for the poor, three, covering 10 crore families with Rs 1,200 per family is affordable, and four, strengthening Wellness Clinics at the 5,000 population level will reduce hospitalisation. The hope is that, in this process, impoverishment will reduce and premature deaths will be averted.

HIV vaccine: Scientists Report Improvements in its Production

Research on HIV over the past decade has led to many promising ideas for vaccines to prevent infection by the AIDS virus, but very few candidate vaccines have been tested in clinical trials. One reason for this is the technical difficulty of manufacturing vaccines based on the envelope proteins of the virus, according to Phil Berman, who led the development of a major component of the only vaccine to have shown any efficacy against HIV in a clinical trial.