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Determination of Time of Death Using Gene Expression Patterns

Researchers have shown that changes in gene expression in different tissues triggered by death can be used to predict the time of death of an individual. The study published in Nature Communications suggested that by analyzing a few readily available tissues (for example lung or skin tissue), the post-mortem interval (time elapsed since death) can be determined with considerable accuracy and may have implications for forensic analyses.

Emergency Medicine Recognized as a Specialty In The Kingdom Of Bahrain

In this study, researchers determined that emergency medicine became recognized as a specialty in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In the last fifteen years emergency medicine has widely established itself and developed rapidly in the Kingdom. The three main emergency departments are: Salmanyia Medical Complex (SMC), Royal Medical Services of Bahrain Defence Force (RMS-BDF) and King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) are now fully equipped and operated by most of board certified emergency physicians.