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LTC Residents Are Transferred To An Emergency Department

About one-quarter of all long-term care (LTC) residents are transferred to an emergency department (ED) every 6 months in Ontario, Canada. When residents are unable to describe their health issues, ED staff rely on LTC transfer reports to make informed decisions.  Older adults use a greater proportion of emergency department (ED) services than other age groups. Those who live in long-term care (LTC) homes are among the highest users.

Sexual Orientation Discordance: Risk for Nonfatal Suicidal Behaviors

Researchers have now identified sexual orientation discordance – sexual contact that is inconsistent with the individual's sexual orientation – as a potential risk factor for adolescent suicidal ideation and/or attempts. They found that discordant students were 70% more likely to have had suicidal ideas or to have made suicide attempts compared with concordant students, reports the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Public Awareness to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Researchers from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of examined the effectiveness of raising awareness of the infectious disease, rabies. Although Western Europe is free from rabies, it continues to pose a threat to animal and human health on the borders of Europe. Although such campaigns are often used, it is rare to assess the effectiveness of such campaigns, which is essential considering their cost and the time taken to undertake them.