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Detection of Bath Salts in Biological Samples is Difficult

Synthetic cathinones are derived from cathinone which is present in the khat plant. These recreational drugs produce effects similar to amphetamines and have been associated with numerous fatalities.

Although the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) banned some synthetic cathinones in 2011, new designer drugs continue to appear, presenting a real challenge for forensic laboratories. The report was published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

Radioactive Isotope used to Detect Cancer

In a cornfield here, past the shuttered General Motors plant and the Janesville Terrace trailer home park, a facility not seen in the U.S. in three decades could soon rise a manufacturing plant that will make a vital radioactive isotope used to detect cancer and other potentially fatal maladies in millions of people every year.

An Emotional State Affects The Operation of The Entire Brain

According to a new study, researchers examined an emotional state affects the operation of the entire brain instead of individual emotions being localized only in specific regions in the brain. The brain mechanisms of basic emotions such as anger and happiness are similar across people. Differences are greater in social emotions, such as gratitude and contempt.

Cellulitis Was a Cost-Effective Intervention To Prevent Misdiagnoses

According to this study, researchers examined cellulitis a bacterial infection of the skin is a common medical condition, yet there is no diagnostic tool for it currently available. The only way to diagnose cellulitis is based on the appearance of the affected area and the patient's reported symptoms. Many other medical conditions cause skin inflammation that mimics the appearance of cellulitis and are commonly misdiagnosed. This study is published in JAMA Dermatology.

3D Hydrogel Scaffolds Transform Cells into Muscle

Australian biomedical engineers have successfully produced a 3D material that mimics nature to transform cells into muscle. The researchers have for the first time incorporated the natural processes of embryonic development to build a material that can more naturally communicate with stem cells for effective tissue repair.

Isolation of Aggressive Cancer Stem Cells

The University of Texas at Dallas researchers have managed to formulate a new technique by which they can isolate aggressive cells which can be the main cause behind metastasized cancers or cancers that have spread to other major organs from their primary site of occurrence.

Impact of BPD on Long-Term Pulmonary Morbidity and Mortality

Although the problems related to the relationships of fetal and neonatal lung damage with later respiratory problems are unclear, a number of effective preventive and therapeutic management strategies with potential reductions in BPD complications have been developed. In this review, the impact of BPD on long-term pulmonary morbidity and mortality and the available preventive and therapeutic strategies are discussed.