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Exercise May Reduce Migraine Burden

Migraineurs have a new tool to potentially reduce their pain and disease burden. A new study, published recently in the journal Cephalalgia, has found that exercise reduced the burden of migraine and the ability to engage in physical activity by reducing the effect of tension-type headache and neck pain (NP).

Bacterial Vaginosis May Increase HIV Acquisition Risk

Bacterial vaginosis may increase the risk for HIV acquisition in women who use hormonal contraception, according to results recently published in AIDS. The researchers found that women who had bacterial vaginosis who also had been receiving injectable or oral contraception medications were at increased risk of contracting HIV from their partners.

Hepatitis A Outbreak is Spread in North County

Weekly public health reports this week and last have each added a pair of newly-confirmed cases to the outbreak total. Although that's nowhere near the number of new cases that flooded in every week in August and September, it's still a faster pace than the roughly every-other-week frequency that government records show San Diego County averaged before from 2012 through 2016.

 "The outbreak is not over, and the most recent cases seem to be slightly geographically skewed to the northern part of the county," said Dr. Eric McDonald, chief of the county's Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch.

New Immune System Regulator Discovered

Researchers in Finland have discovered a new regulator of the immune system, a key factor that controls development of regulatory T cells. The discovery provides basis for new strategies for the treatment of both cancer and immune-mediated diseases. The study was published in the Cell Reports journal.