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Use of Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Again and it is OK, US panel

It's OK for doctors to start using a kid-friendly nasal spray flu vaccine again, a federal panel said.  Two years ago, the advisory group pulled its recommendation for FluMist vaccine after research found it wasn't working against swine flu, the kind of flu that was making most people sick then. But the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices voted 12-2 Wednesday to recommend the nasal spray as an option for next winter's flu season.

Schistosomiasis: Complete Analysis Requires an Alternative Method

The WHO recommends using the Kato-Katz technique to detect detect intestinal schistosome infections. This technique analyzes slides of fecal matter. But the approach often misses people who are infected with only a low burden of parasites and, as a consequence, shed only a few eggs in fecal samples. Researchers have now analyzed the efficacy of other testing approaches in a setting with low parasite burden; their results appear in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.