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To Assess Factors Associated With Emergency Department

In this study, researchers examined factors associated with emergency department (ED) presentation and psychiatric readmission in three distinctive time intervals after the index psychiatric admission. Mental illness is one of the leading cause of disability in developed countries. Building a mental health system that cohesively supports individuals with severe mental illness is a challenge for mental health services.

New Study Points to Tailored Treatment for Depression

A new study published in the journal eLife shows that individuals with high levels of an enigmatic receptor called GPR158 may be more susceptible to depression following chronic stress. The study demonstrates the new target for treating the major depressive disorder, a disease that affects more than 16 million American.

Acidianus virus in Yellowstone Hot Springs described

A new study explains how a lemon-shaped virus assembles itself and how the virus ejects the DNA it carries into host cells. For seven years as a graduate student at Montana State University, Rebecca Hochstein hiked into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park.