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A New Approach Could Reduce Mortality Rate in Prostate Cancer

A new study, published in the JAMA, has found that a combination of high doses of radiotherapy and hormonal therapy could improve the survival rate of men with aggressive prostate cancer. The findings also suggest that such a multimodal treatment approach has the best chance of preventing metastatic disease and improving overall long-term survival.

Stunted Children in India, Malnutrition to be the Cause

We take pride in India’s economic growth. Our social development indicators, however, especially in health, fall far behind. This is an issue of both rights and development. No major country has achieved economic take-off without addressing health and education. In all this, a vital but neglected issue is stunting, a manifestation of malnutrition. This article examines this issue.

Vaccinations: Mass Media Exposure Increases the Demand

According to a new study, researchers monitored daily immunization rate reports during the detected outbreak and discovered a significant increase in both bivalent oral poliovirus vaccines (bOPV) and other vaccinations during the period there was constant media exposure.

Patients At High?Risk For OSA Undergoing Ear, Nose, And Throat Surgeries

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may be related to episodes of oxygen de?saturation, hypercapnia, cardiovascular dysfunction, cor?pulmonale, and pulmonary hypertension. STOP?BANG is an acronym for eight specific questions used to assess the likelihood of OSA. If the individual exhibits three or more of these indicators, he/she should be considered to be at high risk for OSA complications. Therefore, the decision of proceeding with inpatient versus outpatient ENT surgery still remains controversial. The primary objective of the study was to identify and correlate desaturation (SPO2 <90%) episodes and risk factors.