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Implantable Medical Devices Bolstered

A new discovery could underpin a new class of implantable devices that provide biological signals to surrounding tissue for better integration with the body and reduced risk of infection. The team has developed low-cost, practical techniques to guide and attach peptides to surfaces.

Medicine increasingly relies on biomedical devices but their effectiveness is often limited because of unsuccessful integration with the host, necessitating replacement through revision surgery, or the development of untreatable infections.

Big Opportunity to Improve Outcomes for Head Injury Patients

Patients who sustain severe head injuries tend to have better outcomes if they are taken to a designated trauma center, but 44% of them are first taken to hospitals without these specialized care capabilities, according to new research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lung Cancer Treatment Varies Across England

In this study, researchers observed the variations in the active treatment of lung cancer across England may be cutting short the lives of hundreds of patients with the disease every year. The study has published in the journal Thorax. Disease and patient factors don't seem to be driving these variations, say the researchers, who calculate that if treatment rates rose to optimal levels, 800 patients could "have a clinically relevant extension of their lives each year."