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Evaluate The Effects Of Nasal Functions For Integrity Of Grafts

Researchers examined the effects of nasal functions for the integrity of grafts after myringoplasty. Several factors have been investigated to predict the successful outcome of this surgery which includes otological, surgical, and patient-related factors. Myringoplasty is a surgical intervention performed to repair the perforated tympanic membrane (TM) and to eradicate possible future complications of chronic otitis media (COM) with middle ear infections.

World's First?Synthetic, Non-Biologic Vaccine developed

Researchers?from?Cardiff University have?created the world's first synthetic, non-biologic vaccine.??The?non-biologic?influenza vaccine, which can be?delivered orally, could herald a revolution in?vaccine delivery.?The research is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

New Map Of Portal To The Cell's Nucleus

In this study, researchers have mapped the nucleus of a cell has a transportation problem. Evolution has enclosed it with a double membrane, the nuclear envelope, which protects DNA but also cuts it off from the rest of the cell. Nature's solution is a massive by molecular standards cylindrical configuration known as the nuclear pore complex, through which imports and exports travel, connecting the bulk of the cell with its headquarters. The study was published in Nature.

Astronauts Exposed To Hazardous Radiation In Space

New research from the University of New Hampshire's Space Science Center cautions that the exposure to radiation is much higher than previously thought and could have severe implications for both astronauts and satellite technology. It might sound like something from a science fiction plot astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays, but radiation exposure is science fact. The study was published in the journal Space Weather.