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New Approach for Flu Treatment

This year's unexpectedly aggressive flu season reminds everyone that although the flu vaccine can reduce the number of people who contract the virus, it is still not 100% effective. Researchers report that a tweak to a small-molecule drug shows promise for future production of new antiviral therapies that could help patients, regardless of the strain with which they are infected.

New Model Provides Courts Valuable DNA Tool

A DNA profile is often valuable proof in cases of rape or other sexual assault of women, but if investigators have only limited biological material, the results may be difficult to interpret and use in a court of law. The researcher from the Aalborg University is now establishing numbers on the evidential value of DNA from Y chromosomes, providing courts with a valuable tool.

Social Health Insurance for the Poor: Vajpayee Arogyashree Scheme

In this paper, the authors of the study first, summarize the key findings on Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme (VAS’s) impact on health and financial well-being. Next, they review the evidence on the potential pathways through which improvements were achieved and whether investment in tertiary care insurance appears to be good value for money. Finally, they discuss the lessons learned from VAS and how these can be used to craft social health insurance schemes in other settings.

Variation In Specific Brain Networks For Decision-Making

A new study by the University of Illinois found that these individual differences are associated with variation in specific brain networks, particularly those related to executive, social and perceptual processes. Each day brings with it a host of decisions to be made, and each person approaches those decisions differently. The study was published in the journal Human Brain Mapping.