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Common Type Of Synaesthesia Is vEAR

According to a new study, researchers analyzed the signs of a synaesthesia-like phenomenon in which they 'hear' silent flashes or movement. While the effect is barely known to science, the researchers found that this 'visually-evoked auditory response' (vEAR) is far more common than other types of synaesthesia, such when certain sounds elicit a specific color with flashing lights and motion evoking vivid sounds. The study was published in the journal Cortex.

New Causes of Cellular Aging in Children with Progeria

Scientists from Saint Louis University have discovered new causes of the cellular decline in prematurely aging kids with rare and fatal diseases. The data, published in the Cell Reportspoints to cellular replication stress and a mistaken innate immune response as culprits, and the team found success in the laboratory in blocking these processes with vitamin D.

Kidney Stones: Experimental Obesity Drug prevents Development

Scientists have found that a drug connected with fat regulation prevents the formation of kidney stones in mice. This early work opens the possibility of developing drugs which may help prevent kidney stones in at-risk individuals. The work is presented at the European Association of Urology Conference in Copenhagen.

Association Of Smoking And Smoking Cessation With The Risk Of Diabetes

Research estimates that the prevalence of diabetes has increased almost 10-fold in China since the early 1980s, with one in 10 adults in China now affected by diabetes. Although adiposity is the major modifiable risk factor for diabetes. A study in China suggests this can explain only about 50% of the increase in diabetes prevalence over recent decades, suggesting other lifestyle factors, including smoking, may play a role in the etiology of diabetes.