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Chronic Otitis Media With And Without Cholesteatoma

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) with and without cholesteatoma is regarded as chronic inflammation of the middle ear and mastoid mucosa that can be associated with the presence of granulation tissue and infection, which can lead to ossicular damage and hearing loss, but it is commonly known that cholesteatoma behaves aggressively.

New Insights Of The Smallest Brain Circuits

According to a study, researchers analyzed the electrical activity of hundreds of neurons as they fire inside the brain of a mouse model for up to half an hour at a time. Neurons are highly active spontaneously, so 30 minutes is a very long time. They focused on the interactions between neurons at multiple time-scales from milliseconds to minutes.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis with Smart Software

Chinese scientists and clinicians have developed a learning artificial intelligence system which can diagnose and identify cancerous prostate samples as accurately as any pathologist. This holds out the possibility of streamlining and eliminating variation in the process of cancer diagnosis.

It may also help overcome any local shortage of trained pathologists. In the longer term it may lead to automated or partially-automated prostate cancer diagnosis.