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Microbes Can Escape From A Dead End By Swimming

A new study examines that microorganisms are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye, they are distributed all over the world and even inside the human body. It has been mostly unknown that microorganisms can survive in difficult environments, such as in the ground and inside of the body, despite the importance of such information.

Assessment of Ward-based Clinical Pharmacy Services

In Sri Lankan public hospitals, there are no established ward-based clinical pharmacy services. Hospital pharmacists are engaged in procurement, storage and dispensing of medicine to patients. However, we have previously identified opportunities for clinical pharmacists to contribute to the quality use of medicines.

The study evaluates the impact of a clinical pharmacy service in a Sri Lankan hospital. Researchers assessed the resolution of inpatient drug-related problems, appropriateness of medications at discharge from hospital and drug-related hospital readmissions.

To Create Protein Outside A Cell For Therapeutics Purpose

According to a new study, scientists have established a new method to produce proteins outside of a cell that could have important implications in therapeutics and biomaterials. The advance could make possible decentralized manufacturing and distribution processes for protein therapeutics that might, in the future, promote better access to costly drugs all over the world. The study was published online in Nature Communications.

Recovery Outcomes for Burns Survivors in India

The high burden of burns in India is known, and the challenges in prevention and care are recognized. However, there is a poor understanding of the factors and interrelationships for planning effective measures for improving outcomes in burns survivors in India. The aim of this study was, therefore, to identify priority policy issues and health system research questions associated with recovery outcomes for burns survivors in India.