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Importance Of Screening In Bowel Cancer

According to BBC newsreader George Alagiah, Scotland has improved cancer screening procedures compared to England. Alagiah, a Sri Lankan born journalist, is 62 and is diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer of the bowel that relapsed little before Christmas.

Cannabis Compound Could Help Prevent Addiction Relapse

A non-psychoactive component of cannabis, called cannabidiol (CBD), can help reduce the risk of relapse recovery for people addicted to drugs and alcohol, according to a preclinical study with rats. The study results, published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacologysupport the idea that non-psychoactive cannabinoids have possible medical benefits and it can be used as a treatment for drug addiction.

MERS-CoV Threat for Africa: Mystery Uncovered

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is a lethal disease in humans, caused by a coronavirus (MERS-CoV). It was first identified in man in 2012, in the Arabian Peninsula. The main MERS-CoV reservoir species is the dromedary, which is found in large numbers in many African countries. The first clues were published in an article in the journal PNAS on 5 March.

Bystander T cells Could Suppress Type 1 Diabetes

New research revealed that bystander cell accumulation antagonizes cell-killing by specific CTLs, curbing inflammation. This nonspecific suppression might explain viral interference in autoimmunity and the regulation of organ-specific autoimmune response.

Risk of Measle Disease Fly into US

According to a new study, the researcher describes that vulnerable persons who have not been vaccinated for measles and have been through airports in Newark, New Jersey, Detroit, and Memphis this month are being warned about the possible risk of measles by the health officials. They have announced that two air passengers from overseas were confirmed to have had measles and were traveling via these airports.