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Behavior of Neural Tissue Mimicked

U.S. Army-funded researchers at Brandeis University have discovered a process for engineering next-generation soft materials with embedded chemical networks that mimic the behavior of neural tissue.

The breakthrough material may lead to autonomous soft robotics, dual sensors, and actuators for soft exoskeletons, or artificial skins. The study is published in the journal Lab on a Chip.

More Promising Silver-based Anti-cancer Drugs Discovered

A new cancer drug that promises better outcomes and fewer less side effects has been developed in South Africa.In a study, published in journal Biometals, most promising silver thiocyanate phosphine complex called UJ3 is shown to be as effective against human esophageal cancer cells, as the standard chemotherapy drug, Cisplatin.

Neonatal Sepsis and Its Bacteriological Profile

Neonatal sepsis is a leading cause of neonatal mortality in the world. It is also one of the common morbidities in neonatal units in India.Majority of neonatal sepsis occurs in developing countries.The objective of the current study was to detect the common causative microorganisms of neonatal sepsis and their antimicrobial resistance patterns in a rural secondary care hospital in Tamil Nadu, India.