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Osteoclasts Form a Specialized Cell-Matrix Adhesion Structure

A study emphasizes the sealing zone is a dynamic actin-rich structure that defines the resorption area of the bone. The detailed dynamics and fine structure of the sealing zone have been elusive. Osteoclasts plated on glass do not form a sealing zone but generate a separate supra-molecular structure called the “podosome belt".

Investigators unravel biological roots of pulmonary hypertension

Working with cells that line the innermost layer of the blood vessels, Johns Hopkins investigators say they have made a leap forward in understanding the underlying biology behind pulmonary hypertension, a dangerous type of high blood pressure in lungs that ultimately leads to right heart failure and death.

A Protein Acts as a Molecular Switch To Switch Off Tumor Cells

Researchers discovered a protein called LHPP that acts as a molecular switch to turn off the uncontrolled growth of cells in liver cancer. The tumor suppressor, which could be useful as a biomarker to help diagnose and monitor treatment for liver cancer, could also be relevant for other cancer types. The study was published in the journal Nature.