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Maternal and Child Health Service in Nepal

In the global context of foreign aid in the MCH sector, ‘value for money’ and ‘aid effectiveness’ are the most discussed topics of the twenty-first century. Against this backdrop, the foreign aid dispersing and securing practices in Nepal in general, and common foreign-aid sourcing strategies used by national and local non-governmental applicant organizations, working in the field of maternal and child health are discussed.

Flare-Responsive Hydrogel Developed to Treat Arthritis

Bioengineers and physicians at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a hydrogel – a soft, flexible material that can be loaded with arthritis drugs and injected into an inflamed joint – that respond to increased disease activity during flares, releasing the drug when symptoms worsen. The findings, published in Nature Communications, provide a better delivery system for getting anti-inflammatory therapies to the sites where they are needed most.

Latinos More Likely To Have Healthy Hearts

A new study examines that Latinos who are the most optimistic are more likely to have healthy hearts. Out of more than 4,900 people of Latino/Hispanic ancestry living in the U.S. Few of the individuals who scored low in optimism met the criteria for ideal heart health, Hernandez and her co-authors found. However, each percentage point increase in confidence was associated with a better cardiovascular health score.

Florbetapir-PET ?-amyloid Imaging in ICU Survivors

Researchers describe the results of a pilot case series assessing the presence of brain amyloid with florbetapir F18 PET in a convenience sample ICU survivors up to 6 years after ICU discharge, using a quantitative measurement of florbetapir cortical uptake known as Standard Uptake Value ratio (SUVr). We compared our findings with findings pertaining to neuropsychological trajectories.

Existence Of A Scan Speed Related Phenomenon In Contact-Mode AFM

Specifically, contact-resonance spectroscopy is used to interrogate this phenomenon. Above a critical scan speed, a monotonic decrease in the recorded contact-resonance frequency is observed with increasing scan speed. Proper characterization and understanding of this phenomenon are necessary to conduct accurate quantitative imaging using contact-resonance AFM, and other contact-mode AFM techniques, at higher scan speeds.

Function Of The Epidermal Barrier In Patients With Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, recurrent inflammatory skin disease, which is frequently familial. The main cause of the disease seems to be a defect of the epidermal barrier resulting from a genetic predisposition concerning the epidermis, functioning of the immune system as well as environmental factors. Genes responsible for encoding protein S100, filaggrin, proteases and their inhibitors are the main genes related to the problem of epidermal barrier dysfunction.

Gonorrhea Resistant to Conventional Treatments, New findings

Researchers at Public Health England have announced, as reported by the BBC, that a U.K. man has contracted a case of gonorrhea that is resistant to the two types of antibiotics that are normally used to treat such infections. It is, they further report, the first known instance of a case where a strain of the bacteria has developed resistance to both treatments.