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Investigation Of Anatomical Similarities And Differences In The Brains

Research used neuroimaging techniques to analyze the brains of more than 3,800 volunteers in different countries. The largest study of its kind ever conducted set out to investigate anatomical similarities and differences in the brains of individuals with different types of epilepsy and to seek markers that could help with prognosis and treatment. The study was published in the journal Brain.

Discovery Of The Culprit-Molecule In Leukemia

Eleven-nineteen leukemia (ENL) is a chromatin reader present in complexes stimulating transcriptional elongation. It is fused to mixed-lineage leukemia (MLL) in leukemia, and missense mutation has been identified in Wilms tumor and acute myeloid leukemia.

Protein Crystal Nucleation Exposed In Molecular Level

Researchers team have revealed for the first time uncovered the molecular details of protein crystal nucleation, a process with great medical and scientific relevance. The team also developed a new methodology to study a broad class of systems that have remained elusive to date. The study was published in Nature.